In 2015, Carré d’artistes® gets committed. Carré d’artistes®, an ambitious project that reconciles the public with contemporary art.

Through the YES TO ART! campaign, Carré d’artistes® affirms its commitments:

- Make contemporean art accessible to all by offering unique and qualitative artworks at affordable prices. 

- Support creation by exhibiting permanently 600 talented artists through a network of 30 galleries in France and abroad. 

To buy an artwork from Carré d’artistes® is to participate to the project, democratise contemporean art, support artists and creation.

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Discover orginal and uniques artworks in the online gallery of Carré d´artistes :

selection of contemporary paintings

Artworks Fauve


Fauve achat tableau

Buy artworks created by Dominique Gaultier


Dominique Gaultier achat tableau

Karl Gustavsen french artist


Karl Gustavsen achat tableau

Alain Héraud artworks


Alain Héraud achat tableau

Find a gallery

Find a gallery

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Within 30 days

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Sophie Costa french artist


Sophie Costa achat tableau

Carré d´artistes in Philadelphia

New gallery

Philadelphia achat tableau

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