In 2015, Carré d’artistes® gets committed. Carré d’artistes®, an ambitious project that reconciles the public with contemporary art.

Through the YES TO ART! campaign, Carré d’artistes® affirms its commitments:

- Make contemporean art accessible to all by offering unique and qualitative artworks at affordable prices. 

- Support creation by exhibiting permanently 600 talented artists through a network of 30 galleries in France and abroad. 

To buy an artwork from Carré d’artistes® is to participate to the project, democratise contemporean art, support artists and creation.

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Discover orginal and uniques artworks in the online gallery of Carré d´artistes :

selection of contemporary paintings

Artworks Abiy


Abiy achat tableau

Buy artworks created by Sigrid M


Sigrid M achat tableau

Liisa Corbière french artist


Liisa Corbière achat tableau

Natalia Villanueva


Natalia Villanueva achat tableau

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Find a gallery

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Within 30 days

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Jose Cabello Ruiz

Artist portrait

Jose Cabello Ruiz achat tableau

Carré d´artistes in Philadelphia

New gallery

Philadelphia achat tableau

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